A collective living room

Thionville library and media centre in northeastern France has the ambition to become the new model for media libraries as a 'third place' for the public.

13 Feb 2017

Photo credit: Dominique Coulon and Associates

The project, designed by Dominique Coulon and Associates, calls the functions of a media library into question, lending it the content of a ‘third place’ – a place where members of the public become actors in their own condition, a place for creation as well as reception, say the architects.

The building includes areas for displays, creation, music studios, and a café-restaurant. The various activities in the programme blend into each other, creating a dynamic arrangement.

"The space is brimming with details designed to foster a sense of community. The architects hope it becomes the city's collective living room; to appeal to the different types of people who might use the library, they filled it with lots of unique moments, like rooms that have distinctive personalities, differing furniture, and plenty of outdoor spaces," says Diana Budds, writing for fastcodesign.com.