Wakefield's dementia-friendly library

FG Library has completed the refurbishment of Sandal Library in Wakefield, West Yorks, believed to be the first fully dementia-friendly library in the UK.

24 Mar 2015

undefinedSandal Library, Wakefield

This very special project was designed in partnership with The Alzheimer's Society. In practical terms it means that the library includes a number of features that will help people who are living with dementia.

A colour scheme which is deep red making it warm, friendly and calming; furniture such as chairs and sofas which have a plain design and are easy to get in and out of; a reduction of reflective surfaces; grey skirting boards and door frames making it easier for people to recognise them against the magnolia coloured walls; as well as signage and guiding to help people recognise symbols and words.

With the “Latitude” shelving range used throughout the facility, including special 36mm thick end panels, FG has also made use of bespoke timber surrounds to perfectly frame each area.

The centrepiece of the new facility is the lounge which is situated in the old entrance. It has been refurbished to create a reminiscence room, with sofas and a flat screen TV which will play a slideshow of digitised images from the local history collection. This will help to stimulate dementia patients' long term memory. The library will also hold regular reminiscence sessions, which will be advertised locally.