Fiction library for primary school

Courthouse Green Primary School in Coventry has a brand-new key stage 2 fiction library - a bright, colourful, comfortable space in which to read.

28 May 2015

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Courthouse Green Primary School in Coventry is committed to achieving its core aims, one of which is to promote a love of reading amongst its pupils. The school is now even better-equipped to achieve this objective.

Jenny Tegerdine, Deputy Headteacher at Courthouse Green, enlisted the help of specialist library designers Peters Books & Furniture, based in Birmingham, who designed, supplied and fitted the new library.

“It looks absolutely fantastic,” Jenny said, adding: “the service from Peters, from the design to the installation, has been excellent. We were offered ideas and inspiration for the design and it has met our needs perfectly, plus the children love it!”

In addition to designing engaging library spaces for schools, Peters Books and Furniture stocks the widest range of children’s books in the UK.

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