Mapping mobile shelving in Liverpool

End panels printed with a 1970's street map of Liverpool are a feature of one of three mobile shelving installations by Ecospace at Liverpool University.

12 Mar 2015

undefinedMobile shelving by Ecospace

The order for the Sydney Jones Library at Liverpool University was placed with Ecospace following a competitive tendering process. The shelving provides in total nearly 10,000 linear metres of storage space including open access shelving for both books and journals and an archive store.

Simplifying installation on existing floors, and facilitating subsequent alteration if required, the rails for the three mobile units were laid on the existing floor and a wooden infill platform with recesses for the rails was built over the areas where the mobile shelving is sited. Sloping ramps have been provided to allow book trolleys easy access to the stacks.

To satisfy safety requirements on mobile shelving, shelving stacks are each fitted with a locking mechanism operated by turning a lever at the end of each stack. Once the stack is locked in position it cannot be closed on anyone accessing the books in that stack.

The service for supplying screen printed end panels on mobile shelving using a high resolution image is just one of the options for enhancing overall appearance offered by Ecospace. Others include veneered or glass end panels.