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Photo: Teesside University Library

A library at the centre of university life

The Library is at the heart of the campus and at the centre of University life. Phase 1 of the refurbishment of the library was completed in 2012 and an additional £6m was invested to further upgrade and enhance provision. Phase 2 of the library refurbishment on Floor 1 took place over the summer vacation 2016 and Phases 3 and 4 were completed in October 2017, refurbishing Floors 2 and 3.

Non-students can join the library and use it during the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 11am to 5pm on weekends.

The University Library is a key element of the student experience at Teesside and the investment will enable the library to offer an on-campus space which is a focus for learning, research, academic collaboration and contemplation.

The main benefits of the refurbishment are an improved range of flexible, technology enabled individual and group learning spaces; improved access to and speed of ICT; better accessibility and environment, including lighting and ventilation; and greater digital and physical support to students.

The final phase of the library refurbishment of floors 2 and 3 is now complete and all floors are open. Floor 2 is designated for individual quiet study and Floor 3 is designated for silent study.