undefinedHoly Cross College

The Holy Cross Sixth Form College and University Centre in Bury, Greater Manchester, is a specialist A-level centre with nationally outstanding results, and home to an equally successful University Centre providing degree courses.

The College has undergone a major upgrade and expansion, significantly increasing the size of the library, shelving and stock, and changing the environment to accommodate a greater number of students.

The College approached Demco Interiors, who carried out the original installation in the 1990’s, to carry out a pre-project consultation, which included producing a feasibility plan, design and product specifications.

The brief was to design a library space which was modern in style, but still met the traditional needs of a higher education library. Feedback from students showed that they wanted more space to spread out and work and study, more seats and more individual study space. The basic design concept worked with a neutral white and grey base palette, with layers of lime green and berry tones across seating and other furnishings with small areas of natural wood.

Space was planned around creating micro-environments where students could either work by themselves in a ‘heads down’ study quiet environment (study carrels were increased from 16 to 100) or in areas designed for group study. The space also needed to accommodate students who wanted to use their personal devices (BYOD) alongside the College resources, so plenty of usbs and sockets around furnishings was a priority.

Edwina Salmon, Library Development Manager, Holy Cross College said: “Students, staff and visitors are all impressed with the new library. The feeling of space and the design have produced an area that really is conducive to study, which is also modern, open and welcoming.”