Media library in a landscape

The new media library in Pelissanne, in the heart of Provence, is an interesting recent project designed by Dominique Coulon & Associes.

24 Apr 2020

undefinedMedia library, Provence

The project, profiled by Floornature (see link opposite), is a renovation and expansion of a residential building, Maison Maureau, built in 1642 in the beautiful and green context of the park located inside the fortified urban centre.

The original structure of Maison Maureau was preserved, while interiors were reorganised in a simple and functional way to house the media library.

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling window on the ground floor, users have the feeling of reading while being immersed in the surrounding landscape. The upper floor, on the other hand, offers a different experience. Through the curved glass window, the media reference spaces become part of the large crown of the plane tree.

Acknowledgements: Text, Agnese Bifulco; Photo, Eugeni Pons