Libraries are the new tourist attractions

New libraries in Helsinki, Oslo and Aarhus are public spaces and cultural centres set to become tourist destinations.

09 Nov 2016

undefinedHelsinki Central Library top floor impression

A feature published by Business Insider Nordic admirably points out: 'In addition to their beautiful designs, generous amenities - ranging from music studios to 3D printers - should ensure that creative people, as well as tourists, will be flocking to these characteristically Nordic pieces of architecture.'

Helsinki's new public library will open in 2018 with a music studio and movie theatre. Oslo's public library will open in 2019, conceived with sustainability uppermost in mind, and as the home of the 100 year art project, Future Library. Aarhus in Denmark, voted the world's best public library, is of course already open and attracting thousands of visitors.

The Business Insider feature is a gallery of photos and architectural impressions of both the exterior and interiors of the three libraries.