Loh Chin Ee is assistant professor in the English Language and Literature Academic Group at the National Institute of Education. The writer offers a number of points about the effectiveness of good design in the school library, pointing out that solutions do not always require major renovation or expense. 

The opinion piece gives a public library example of a successful space designed for teens. 'Taking the cue from the retail sector, the library has its books displayed front-facing to inspire teens to take them from the shelves and the shelves are aligned to consumer heights to allow library users to reach all books. A doodle wall facilitates collaborative discussions, a mezzanine space legitimises "hanging out" and cosy corners allow quiet reading. Marketing principles applied to library design help make reading "cool" and permission to be (somewhat) noisy makes the library a more "homely" place for teens. Today, a teenage team organises programmes that appeal to other teens.'