undefinedBudel Public Library

Budel Public Library

The library is part of a completely renovated multifunctional centre in the heart of the municipality of Cranendonck, The Netherlands. It has a theatre hall, meeting rooms, spaces for workshops, a sports hall, as well as the library, and is a home to various clubs and associations.

The interior design of the library feels just like coming home.

The library space is open and furnished with different natural materials, which gives the library a soft and accessible character. The furniture is completely aligned with each other. Visually customised furniture and library shelving merge smoothly.

undefinedVindafjord Public Library

Vindafjord Public Library: a cathedral of knowledge

Adjacent to the existing culture house in Ølen, Norway, the library has been moved into a new and modern extension. The new culture and learning centre is spread over three floors, connected by an elegant spiral staircase.

You easily get a cathedral feeling from the light in the large windows in the high, open space. The number of visitors in the library has tripled and lending rates have also increased significantly. The increased number of visitors is partly due to the central location in the local culture house, where the library is located in the middle of Vindafjord's social and cultural hub.

In the children's department, there are low, free-standing shelving in the middle of the room and higher shelving by the walls. It gives an airy look and at the same time a good overview. Together with the mobile book browsers, it gives children easy access to the books.

The decor is primarily white walls with dark contrast-filled floor supplemented with strong, fresh colours to create freshness and variety.