BRAINSTORM will light up Bjorvika in Oslo

The artwork BRAINSTORM by Lars Ramberg has taken three years to produce; a gigantic piece of conceptual art: over 400m of handmade glass tubing.

02 Jul 2020


Europe’s largest neon artwork is the first thing you see when you enter Oslo’s new main public library, Deichman Bjørvika.

BRAINSTORM – with the working title From Daring to Sharing – has been specially designed for Deichman Bjørvika, and refers to the evolution of public libraries from their origins in the Age of Enlightenment to today’s modern, multi-purpose space that is open to all.

Organised chaos

BRAINSTORM visualises connections, between people, between thoughts, between places and between cultures, in a vast and chaotic web – like a sort of information cloud. The piece is an energetic network of brightly lit glass neon tubes.

“We are now opening Oslo’s immense new meeting place, where people from all over the city can come and feel at home. It is therefore wonderful that we have also been able to install this inspiring work of art, which can brighten the day for everyone who uses the library. We use the library to become enlightened people in all kinds of ways, and it is important that the city’s residents are able to experience art at close quarters.”