Opening the Book

Opening the Book is unique among library furniture suppliers as the pioneer of the reader development movement that sparked momentous changes in libraries.

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Gateshead Makerplace

Discovery layout

We help libraries move from passive provision of books and resources to actively engaging the audience. At Opening the Book we have studied the way people move through a space, what causes them to pause and linger, what makes them pick up a book. We apply this knowledge to create a unique discovery layout for every library we design.

As well as being book promotion experts, we create libraries as successful ‘third spaces’ for different kinds of activity – learning, making, collaborating – from business advice to wellbeing hubs.

Opening the Book has trained more than 20,000 library staff across 5 continents. This dally interaction with libraries on the ground informs the practical flexibility of our designs. We are passionate about libraries and their future development – please get in touch if you are too.

Products and services

  • Online training courses to give your library a facelift
  • Library interior design and fit-out
  • Space and capacity planning
  • 3D visualisations
  • Library shelving and furniture
  • Makerspace, workspace, business space, advice and wellbeing hubs
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Graphics and window manifestations
  • Collection layout and merchandising


Address for enquiries in the UK:

Opening the Book Ltd
80 Carleton Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01977 602188

Address for enquiries in the USA and Canada:

Opening the Book North America LLC
Water Tower Square, Suite 106
1000 Commerce Park Drive
Williamsport, PA 17701

Tel: 844 398 4460

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