Milton Public Library, Sherwood Branch

The Milton Public Library located in Milton, Ontario has been an integral part of the community since 1855.

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Revolutionary Library Design

The Sherwood Branch was developed jointly with a community centre in the townā€™s west end and opened in 2019.

Mark Williams, the Chief Librarian and CEO of Milton Public Library, knew he wanted to appeal to non-library users as well as regulars and use retail-style practices to maximise usage from the adjacent community centre. Mark specified demanding requirements for the shelving layout and merchandising in the Request for Proposal and Opening the Book were delighted to win the contract with their Canadian dealer partner, Schoolhouse Products.

Rachel Van Riel, Director of Opening the Book, and Mark Williams discuss the revolutionary design of the Sherwood Branch Library and how the layout, shelving, and merchandising have increased library card holders, visitors, and circulation in the video you can check out via the Case Study link.