undefinedBromsgrove Library

Value for money on a limited budget

Over the past 5 years, Worcestershire Libraries and Learning Service has been remodelling its offer, moving away from standalone service points towards partnership working and co-location for a more sustainable long term solution.

Despite refurbishment, installation of ICT and self-issue, the previous 1960’s era Bromsgrove Library had become dated and tired, and there was a need to re-energise the space to make it look fresher and more modern.

One of the key challenges to overcome was creating an interior layout of suitable quality and visual impact to match that of the refurbished building, but on a limited furniture budget. FG Library & Learning worked alongside the library team and County Council architect, Jean George, taking time to explore two options: one incorporating an amount of legacy furniture, the other of primarily new shelving and furniture. As the first option imposed some design constraints, it was decided that the latter approach was preferable, and FG Library & Learning used their expertise to ensure excellent value for money without compromising the overall vision.

A children’s library was created with study space, a play area and a StoryWall centrepiece, new Reflection shelving was installed throughout, with brand new seating in the adult and teen areas and eye-catching displays across the whole library.