undefinedCharlotte Mecklenburg Library
Image: Snøhetta

The new Charlotte Mecklenburg Main Library will be designed offer a more diverse programme for the local community.

The lower level will accommodate a café, immersive theatre area, reading zones and a self-service checkpoint. A wooden staircase will wrap around a large atrium in the building, leading up to the other four floors levels.

Library facilities will be integrated with other facilities that are arranged to become "more studious and serene" higher up the building, culminating in a reading room at the top.

A Welcome and Orientation Centre for new residents of the city, a job training centre and counselling services are among the services that will be available on the first floor.

A technology centre, computer lab, digital visualisation lab and recording studios will be located on the third floor, while level four will host the main bulk of the library's holdings. Special collections will be placed on the final floor, alongside staff space. It will host the reading room and have access to the higher outdoor terrace.

Construction is intended to begin in 2021.