undefinedEdwinstowe Library and Learning Centre

Learning from the community

As part of the consultation process, the public helped Inspire, who deliver culture, learning and libraries on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, to decide on several changes to the library. It now offers a separate meeting room or dedicated learning room complete with interactive screens, brand new laptops and refreshment-making facilities.

An extensive programme of learning will now be available on Edwinstowe residents’ doorsteps as a result.

The modernisation includes new energy-efficient heating and lighting, improved accessibility, as well as new shelving, furnishings and decoration. Customers will benefit from an increased range and quantity of book stock plus a tea and coffee area.

undefinedEdwinstowe Library and Learning Centre

Peter Gaw, Chief Executive at Inspire said: “Edwinstowe follows a long list of libraries refurbished by the County Council over the last 10 years and benefits from all that we have learnt to make our libraries fit for the needs of local communities. We are really pleased with the involvement of the local community and hope this will continue as we develop the service.”

undefinedEdwinstowe Library and Learning Centre
Children's area

Inspire delivers a range of cultural, arts, library and learning services, funded by Nottinghamshire County Council, the Arts Council of England and Education and Skills funding agencies. Set up in April 2016, it is an independent organisation with charitable aims and status.

Interior design, furniture and shelving by FG Library & Learning.