undefinedKingsley Community School

This treehouse is at the centre of an open plan library space at Kingsley Community School, Liverpool, accommodated in an old classroom, and extending into the corridor.

It may be a large school but Kingsley Community doesn’t have a lot of rooms so they tend to become multi-purpose. Over the years the library had become a storage area and not the nurturing, quiet space they dreamed of. Now that dream is a reality.

undefinedElsley Primary School

A school expansion project enabled Elsley Primary School, Wembley, to create a multi-functional school library for its pupils and the wider local community. The plans included an amphitheatre to encourage speaking and listening.

“We have a unique school library here which we’re really proud of. It’s the focal point of the school and has learning opportunities for our pupils built into every corner. We’re even encouraging local community groups like our local Mother & Toddler group to use the space as they’re potentially our pupils of the future.”