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Doors to other worlds

With its vision to ‘open doors to other worlds’, the two floors of the Centre not only include a library but also a Planetarium to provide a focus for the study of astronomy.

The objective for the new Centre is to provide a fully supported space to extend opportunities for students and support the development of study skills, with access to a range of resources and IT. It will also be made available to the community, providing a fantastic venue for business and leisure events.

Stuart Phillips, business manager and senior project co-ordinator for the school said: “It was very important that the new build should contribute to the whole school academic achievement and offer children across Woking the opportunity to be engaged in learning. We chose Demco Interiors because they listened during the early development stages and showed that they understood the brief to create a space that would inspire learning and exploration.”

A design that anticipates a university learning environment

The Demco design team aimed for an interior that would be exciting and dynamic but also encourage self-directed work and in particular create plenty of space for written work which had been lacking in the original school library. It is a step towards the more adult spaces Demco designs for university library and learning centres.

In the new ground floor library large tables give students room for individual and group study and also space to move between a small, quieter reading area, a bright and vibrant casual seating space, and a reading area with shelving and integrated seating.

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Upstairs eyes look up to the Planetarium around which Demco installed white study benching with purple detailing, which was carefully crafted on site to fit seamlessly around the curve of the dome.

Flexibility was key with large study tables on castors, and space-saving, easy storage tilt tops can be easily re-configured for individual or group study or to make room for exam times, teacher training or community events.

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A library building with personality

Although the new building follows the style of the main school with its red brick structure, the interior design allows its own personality to shine through. Colour themes of orange, duck egg blue, orange, yellow and purple create a striking but minimalist feel that students, staff and parents love.

"It not only looks great but it also changes the way that students use the library space. Instead of just teacher-led work this space is all about independent learning, whether that is research, or reading, or analysis," said Dan Fisher, Librarian.

The Centre fulfils the school's vision to design, build and run an outstanding facility, that both inspires students and furthers the study of space through science and astronomy, and contributes to the whole school academic achievement.