undefinedCwm Glas Primary School

Creating a multi-functional space

Central to this vision was the conversion of a large first-floor hall into a new flexible, multi-functional space which is part library, part LRC and part social space, yet still a coherent whole capable of accommodating 60+ pupils at a time.

Here children can work either individually or collaboratively, interacting with smart media in dedicated zones, studying at tables or simply engaging with books in a relaxed manner on soft seating.

FG Library & Learning was commissioned to install the shelving and furniture to a layout carefully designed to make optimum use of this sizeable space, incorporating all the features required of the area in a colourful, unified and engaging way, but without sacrificing modern design sensibilities.

The StoryWall adds real visual impact, combining book storage and display, media spaces, reading hideaways and high-level storage for materials and resources in a striking setting.