Grantown Library, Highland

Grantown Library is situated in Grantown-on-Spey, a small, popular holiday town in the Highlands, with a population of around two and a half thousand.

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A new vision for libraries in the Highlands

There is a secondary school, a primary school, nursery and playgroup and the town welcomes a high number of tourists throughout the year. Prior to re-locating the library welcomed 10,000 visitors per year, mainly traditional library users. There were two peoples’ network computers and Wi Fi provision was offered, though the uptake was very low. The library suffered from a poor physical environment and had limited potential to hold events and activities.

Grantown Library relocated into the newly refurbished Grantown Courthouse, an attractive, historic building in the busy town square. The Highland Council’s Service Point operates from a shared counter with the library. The redesigned Grantown Library, funded by The Highland Council, had to reflect the new vision for libraries in the Highlands where libraries operate as “community hubs”, providing residents with multiple reasons to visit while encouraging them to spend more time and derive more benefit from their visit. It would therefore be a busy space that would attract new local customers, including Service Point customers as well as more traditional library customers. Moreover, the new library should be attractive enough to tempt the many visitors and tourists to the town to come inside.

After consulting the local community, thedesignconcept has done a fantastic job creating a stylish, fresh and modern design, while celebrating the town’s status as the heart of the Cairngorm National Park.