undefinedNewport Pagnell Library

Taking off like a rocket

Following a detailed brief by LGSS, thedesignconcept designed a space with defined zones that appeals to all ages and is visually impactful.

The Ratio Shelving system offers complete flexibility with all free standing shelving on castors to allow the library to be opened up for events. Display end panels mean the book stock can be updated regularly and users can find ‘best-sellers’ or ‘recommended reads’ with ease.

LGSS requested the library be ‘self-sufficient’ as the space may not always have staff members available. A self-service area allows users to borrow and return books at their leisure.

In commemoration of the moon landing which took place in 1969, the same year Newport Pagnell Library opened, the children’s library features a colourful rocket graphic to complement the ‘reading rocket’ installed in the centre of the space. The use of distinctive furniture and graphics clearly define the children’s library. Soft seating is placed at the windows for parents to relax while children play, or it can be used as a quiet relaxation area for users to enjoy their latest book.

undefinedNewport Pagnell Library