undefinedWoodseats Library

A fabulous library the community loves

The library caters for all demographics, represented well by the variation in seating on offer, from high to
low, comfortable to practical.

Whether reading a newspaper or accessing desktop PCs, there really is something for everyone. A ‘bring your own device’ area with charging units adds new appeal to the library.

Latitude shelving was specified in striking finishes of graphite and contrasting orange accents, the green angled
seats add shape to the shelving runs. Photography for the graphic panels was taken locally, including some of
nearby Graves Park.

The children’s library has huge wow factor and features a bespoke tree which can be used at desk or sitting
height. Bright colours give an ultra-modern feel and are complemented by the natural light perfectly. Our
hideaway units provide excitement for children of all ages and give an opportunity to hide, with a book in hand.

Since its opening in August 2017, the library already has a reputation as a state of the art facility - the
community hub has quickly become the city’s flagship public amenity.