undefinedSutton Central Library

As well as the library, the space now includes:

  • Family lounge
  • Sensory play area, designed with autistic users in mind
  • Dedicated teen zone
  • Art Gallery and museum

Now a community hub, the space has been used to its full potential and is a success with students eager to study, local artists who can showcase their own work and view fellow artists’ work, and children who spend their day playing/reading while parents can relax but keep a watchful eye.

The library space itself is now modern and vibrant through the use of colourful graphics and contemporary furniture.

undefinedSutton Central Library

The children’s zone is perfect for children of all ages. There is a large wall with port-hole style seating to encourage kids to climb in and make themselves comfortable. When they are finished reading their latest book, it’s over to the sensory area to play.

The staged section is complete with sensory panels and soft cushions for hours of fun. Parents can watch on from the family lounge and enjoy some quiet time, but not venture too far from the children.

The library has something for everyone. Students can spend their days revising, local art exhibitions can be enjoyed, people can relax and read and children can read, play and make use of the updated tablet stations. Meeting pods can be hired for local organi¬sations or groups of students to use. Each section of the library is clearly defined for users, with clear signage and bespoke graphics showing the history of Sutton.