Prince Edward unveiled a plaque to mark the occasion, after touring the stunning contemporary setting which was created by the University’s £11 million investment.

The University of Stirling Library enjoys a commanding position in the heart of the University campus, the original structure is a listed building, regarded as a well designed example of ‘60s architecture. Therefore the structure’s shell was retained, while its interior was completely reconfigured and redesigned.

The library consists of three floors with a large dramatic central lightwell. Working with the site’s existing qualities the architects have created a light, spacious and welcoming environment.

The zoned study spaces include work stations which support group, individual or quiet study, an informal reading section where daily newspapers are available and circular study pods, complete with swivelling touch-screen computers.

There is also an 'Enterprise Zone' furnished with comfortable armchairs and sofas.

To make it a place where students would want to gather and study, the planners consulted the students to provide a seamless service and make it a place that they feel is ‘theirs’.

Since reopening its doors in August, the state-of-the-art library has seen an 80% increase in footfall, compared with figures for the same period in 2008, before the refurbishment programme began.