Cowbridge Demco

Funded by a Welsh Assembly Grant and contributions from the Vale of Glamorgan Council the library team worked with Demco to create a very different library interior that combined both style and practicalities to meet a changing demand for, and delivery of, services.

The layout was designed to draw peoples attention to what was available in the library. Rather than hiding things away in corners or sections of their own, the idea was to create an open, welcoming library.

There is a mobile pod which can be docked to the small one-person counter, turning it into a two person, dual-height counter. There is a separate Children's area and bright, contrasting furniture.

Graphics and signage were also carefully planned and thought out, with welcoming, familiar graphics using magnetic, removable panels. This means that the base boards and stands can be used for other displays. Again building in flexibility to each area of the library.