In May 2015 the Enquiry Desk at the libary was reprovided as a modest upgrade to services. The new enquiry desk arrangement meant that customers with hearing difficulties were better able to lipread when speaking with staff. The new benching was provided by Crossbrooks Ltd and involved co-ordination between Crossbrooks, Serco, MD Electrics and Premier Moves.

The old Harpenden Library was housed in an old Victorian School house building, located at the top of a steep hill. Although a single storey building all areas required steps to be negotiated which detered wheelchair users. The new building is located right in the centre of Harpenden High Street and was previously a Woolworth and an Argos store. The new library is located all on one level. HCC partners, Youth Connexions share the upper floor where several community use meeting rooms and the library administration functions are located. There is a DDA lift to this upper floor.



The Building

The Building

Type of library

Joint use library


481 m2





Building contractor

T & B Construction

The Space

The Space

Features and services

Special services

Hosting of other agencies, Meeting rooms, Services to particular groups

External features

Shared building

Internal features


Energy efficiency

Control mechanisms, General, Heating, Lighting, Ventilation

Accessibility provision

Access between floors, Access to building, Access within building, Assistive technology, Emergency features, Furniture height

Interior designer

Demco Interiors

Furniture suppliers

Bomefa, Crossbrook, Demco Interiors, Gresswell, Opening the Book, Peters, Point Eight, Portsdown

Services and facilities suppliers

Serco, Premier Moves, Intellident, East Herts Signs, Bibliotheca (formerly Intellident)

IT provision

General, Internet access, Laptop points, Public access terminals, RFID, WiFi, Number of public computer terminals: 12

Seats/study places