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Drumbrae Library and Community Hub is a development by City of Edinburgh Council in partnership with Scottish Futures Trust.

Research and analysis of the catchment areas of existing libraries identified the need for an additional library sited in Drumbrae and a need to provide a new Community Care day centre on one 'campus' site. Two of the Council's key frontline service delivery departments will collaborate and directly benefit from this project. The departments are Health and Social Care and Services for Communities, respectively.

Capital investment in a new building in Drumbrae, as well as providing library facilities, also provides an opportunity to extend the range of other services available locally, both from the Council and from external partners.

This development will allow for:

The construction by Health & Social Care of a new Day Care facility on the Drumbrae site as part of their reprovision programme.

The provision of a range of frontline services by the location of aspects of Services for Communities' West Neighbourhood Local Office by utilising shared ICT provision and space within the overall building.

The provision of facilities for community use - some of which could be shared out of hours with other uses such as day care.

Office, interview and/or surgery facilities.

These proposals will take advantage of organisational synergies and shared building use to provide services more cost-effectively than is possible alone. These services would be used by both new library footfall customers and by existing users of the community centre and clinic.



The Building

The Building

Type of library

Multi-purpose building


1130 m2




Ian Ramsey

Building contractor


The Space

The Space

Features and services

Special services

Audiovisual/Multimedia areas, Baby changing facilities, Cafe/refreshment areas, Equipment provision, Exhibition/display areas, Group study spaces, Hosting of other agencies, Meeting rooms, Open learning provision, Provision of special materials, Services to particular groups, Teaching rooms

External features

Nature of site, Shared site, Shared building, Building shape, Materials, Landscaping

Internal features

Design features, Staff accommodation/facilities, Structural

Energy efficiency

Energy conservation, General, Heating, Lighting, Materials used, Structural factors, Ventilation, Water use

Accessibility provision

Access between floors, Access to building, Access within building, Assistive technology, Critical distances, Furniture height, Parking, Signage / guiding

Interior designer

The Design Concept

Furniture suppliers


Services and facilities suppliers


IT provision

Electronic information displays, General, Internet access, Laptop points, Public access terminals, RFID, Self service circulation, WiFi

Seats/study places