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Reading 'corner'

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Children's area

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Children's Area

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Cafe area

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Radio Derby - Family History Day



Burton library was opened in 1976 and was looking tired, as well as very 'brown and magnolia'.It was re-furbished as part of Staffordshire's 'Library Vision' improvement programme.

Bright colours replaced the '70s look', both floors were extended by losing office and storage space and the layout was rearranged. New lower white shelving replaced the old black shelving downstairs - adult fiction and children's - and a new 'story circle' seating area provided.

A new, more visible entrance was built, with access by ramp and steps from the adjoining public car park. The old entrance foyer became an internet cafe, with the cafe operated by an outside franchise. 48 public access PCs were provided, in the cafe area and in other areas of the building.

East Staffs Borough Council provide their 'Council link' enquiry service from the main enquiry desk alongside Library staff. They have also re-vamped the area outside the entrance to make a terraced area leading to the river - with space for the cafe tables in summer.



The Building

The Building

Type of library

Central/Main library/LRC


2335 m2




Staffordshire County Council

Building contractor


The Space

The Space

Features and services

Special services

Group study spaces

External features


Internal features


Energy efficiency


Accessibility provision

Access between floors

Interior designer


Furniture suppliers

Point Eight, Red

Services and facilities suppliers


IT provision

Number of public computer terminals: 48

Seats/study places