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In September 2014 Peters Books & Furniture, the Birmingham based library design and library supply company, completely redesigned and refitted the library at St Augustine's Catholic Primary School in Coventry. A year on they went back to find out what effect the refit had had on pupils' reading in the school.

Prior to the refurbishment most year groups were not making good progress in reading, and a school questionnaire revealed that a large majority of the children said they did not enjoy reading, and were not interested in the books in the library.

Funding was secured from the school budget with the simple aim of putting reading at the heart of the school. The plan was to relocate the library to a central position within the school, creating an exciting and inviting area with new book stock.

The heart of the school

The new library was unveiled in September 2014, complete with new books, also from Peters Books & Furniture, and now, just over a year later, the school is already seeing results through improved progress and attitude towards reading among its students. A recent survey within the school found that 98% of pupils now say they enjoy reading.

Julia Etheridge, St Augustine’s Leader of Reading, said: “Two years ago our school library languished in a corner of the school. The bookshelves were old, the books uninspiring and hard to access. Now, all children throughout the school visit the library at least once a fortnight as a class or in small groups, and progress in reading at the end of last term was good or outstanding in nearly every year group. The new library has become the heart of the school. It is a symbol of the value we place on reading, and an invaluable place for our children."