undefinedBillingham Library and Customer Service Centre

Capturing new library users

Designed by thedesignconcept, the challenge was to create a bright open-plan, welcoming and state of the art environment that would encompass the aspirations of both the Library Service and the Council’s Customer Services team. We wanted to ensure that we encouraged the captive audience using the council’s customer services facilities into the library space even though they may not traditionally be library users.

Our brief from client was that the design should facilitate a substantial increase in both the book stock and technology provision without compromising the ease of access and movement throughout the facility. Working within the parameters of the budget constraints we set about designing the space ensuring that both services maintained their own unique brand identity.

Reimagining the library

The front façade of the building is fully glazed and open to the shopping pedestrian area. This provided the ideal opportunity to showcase the computer provision using our own bespoke designed shaped workstations that are both quirky and modern.

The children’s’ zone was created using a bright multi-coloured circular shelving unit that delineates the space effectively. Our Ratio Shelving system has been used with fitted functional display ends and our radiused bookcase inserts allow the design to flow organically.

Arts Council England chairman Sir Peter Bazalgette opened the new library. Sir Peter said: “This is a state-of-the-art facility providing the latest technology alongside a wide range of library and customer services and is an excellent example of how libraries are being re-imagined to lie at the heart of the community."