Learning Spaces – Lernwelten - is the largest international bibliographic research database on learning space development and trends. It covers publications on all education institutions, from schools through universities to adult education, including libraries and museums, especially in Anglo-American countries, Germany and Scandinavia. The database uses the open source reference manager Zotero as a search platform. Topics include design of physical and digital spaces, learning styles, organisation and methodologies - with resources cross-classified for ease of access.

Across the world, flexible, technology-rich learning spaces are emerging, but many institutions are lacking guidance. Institutions are perhaps trying to reinvent the wheel by themselves, instead of taking inspiration from what other nations exceed in.

From academic to public libraries, from schools to adult education - digital environments fuse with physical learning landscapes, and offer learners, as well as institutions themselves, unforeseen possibilities. However, realising this very potential requires radically new measures in project management, organisational structures and stakeholder interaction. The database will address all these issues by providing the most current and comprehensive range of resources on learning spaces, visions and trends.