undefinedPortsmouth mobile library

The library service will be deploying self-service solutions designed by Bibliotheca in its new mobile library vehicle.

Portsmouth will be installing Bibliotheca’s smartserve™ 400 kiosk in its new mobile facility, making it easier for users to engage with the library service and make use of its facilities. With the smartserve™ 400, users are able to quickly and easily check-out and return their library items without the need for any staff to be present.

David Percival, Learning and Engagement Manager at Portsmouth City Council, commented: “Self-service is the norm these days - it can be seen in shops and in our libraries, so why not take it to the streets? By installing self-service facilities in our new mobile library, our staff can better support the public with their need for knowledge and library services. This means that our community members will be able to visit the van even though the main library may be closed.”

To coincide with the launch of its mobile library, Portsmouth will also be revamping some of its library premises by introducing Bibliotheca’s latest self-service kiosks in a number of its branches.

More news from Bibliotheca

Continuing its focus on international expansion, Bibliotheca has announced a new strategic partnership with the former Executive leadership team of Korean-based ECO that will bring the extensive range of Bibliotheca products and services direct to the South Korean market.

Working under a unique brand partnership, Bibliotheca will license the use of its brand, physical products and software directly to allow the new company to present a complete end-to-end solution for libraries in South Korea.