Wakefield One

Wakefield Library and Museum is situated in the new civic office building, Wakefield One. The building also houses over 1,000 Council staff, a customer access point and a retail cafe.

The library and museum brings together services that were formerly spread across three buildings in the city centre, creating a cultural centre point for residents and visitors.

The library boasts a book stock of 60,000 items, 65 PCs, the latest technology including self-issue, free wifi, meeting spaces and with a range of shelving, seating and furniture provided by Fg Library Products.

The local studies library is now combined with the city museum to create an exciting new collaboration on the lower ground floor of the space, which allows users to learn about local history as well as carry out their own research.

The new facility provides Wakefield with a space in which the community can be engaged and inspired.

Wakefield One interior