undefinedLate Starter Piano

“I have just given my usual piano course for late starters at Benslow Music, made very special indeed by it being the first course since lockdown. Every possible precaution was taken to make sure we all felt safe and comfortable, and no effort was spared to make sure we all enjoyed ourselves.

It was a small but perfectly formed course: each of the six students had a piano given the three Steinway grands and three Yamaha digitals in the Peter Morrison Hall, and there was hand sanitiser aplenty so people could swap around. We focused on instant music making as well as polishing solos, and this included: spontaneous improvisation for six people all at once (such fun and so easy even for beginners), playing chords to accompany singing, and sight reading simple duets and trios ready for the informal concert amongst ourselves which always marks the end of the course.

We delved into a wide range of repertoire exploring musical imagination and interpretation, rhythmic depth
and accuracy, tone quality and technical ease and fluency. And we dealt with performance anxiety in our usual totally encouraging and supportive atmosphere. A huge thank you to my intrepid course participants and especially to Chris, Peter, Tim, Karen, Laura, Alison and everyone at Benslow Music, for making it possible!"

Lucinda Mackworth-Young (tutor)

"Very pleased to see the post-COVID-19 measures which Benslow Music had put in place - all worked smoothly from my perspective. Staff were very attentive and helpful."

Fiona (pianist)

"I felt welcome, safe and comfortable in the Benslow Music environment and the required safety measures in place weren't in any way obtrusive. Lucinda is warm, encouraging and generous with her knowledge and it was a delight to work on duets and trios and discover new pieces from Lucinda and the others on the course. It was lovely to be taught by and learn from a highly experienced and accomplished pianist. Lucinda flowed seamlessly from teaching us as a group and spending time with us individually, focusing on each person's interests.

The time spent in each of the sessions is just right and being immersed in the music, I learnt so much in such a short space of time - much more time than I would spend at home. I look forward to putting it all into practise.

The course is good fun, hard work, aimed at exactly the right standard and suitable for everyone and all music genres.

The Benslow Bubble is beautiful and I chose extend my stay, enjoying the peacefulness of the garden and the delightful market town of Hitchin."

Linda (pianist)

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