"From the moment you walk through the doors at Benslow Music, you’re greeted with a warm welcome! The well organised sessions lead by top class tutors were inspiring and informative. The accommodation was comfortable and copious quantities of sustaining food, tea and cake were very welcome after productive sessions. The extensive treasure trove of a library in the main house and the beautifully kept gardens were an excellent way to spend free time, or to take a breather from the rush of life. Benslow Music is one of Hertfordshire’s must visits for music enthusiasts!"

Camilla (soprano)

"Benslow Music is a lovely place to live and make music for a week. The food is plentiful, the coffee is flowing and the courses are run by a dedicated administration and top level musicains/tutors. They pack plenty into each day and kept each participant busy enough to feel like they were gaining from the course, but not so busy as to not allow time for a wander around the grounds or nearby Hitchin. High standards are set and met as the whole group noticeably improved throughout the week culminating in a performance that would give most pro scratch bands a run for their money!"

Phil (baritone)

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