The glowing glass facade of the new dedicated Children's Library Discovery Center in Jamaica in the Borough of Queens, New York City, is a beacon for the community and part of the extensive regeneration of the library complex. Arch Daily has published an extensive profile of the library building.

The library, on two floors (encouraging some exercise by making the staircase a prominent feature), holds part of the children's book collection and toddler area on the ground floor, with the main collection, reading lounge, cyber centre and activity room on the next floor.

The focus of activities is on the interactive discovery of science, backed up by books on the same topics.

It's a superb piece of architecture and shows the results of creative and collaborative thinking. It does raise the question, though, that if we can create interactive zones for science and discovery, isn't there a more imaginative way to engage young readers in the discovery of story, picture books in particular, than letting them search for books in long bays of packed shelves?