D-Tech secure laptop cabinet

The system uses D-Tech’s laptop SelfCheck software and is fully SIP2 compliant. Library members only need to scan a valid library card to open a locker, which remains secure until users are in front of the locker and they have placed their user card on the reader at the locker. The software also  prevents re-issue of an item before a laptop is fully charged.

The Diplomat™ can also be used as a BYOD (bring your own device) system which allows users to rent a locker to keep their own laptop, phone or iPad safe while charging batteries.

The steel finished cabinets come in a wide range of powder coated colours, ready assembled and installed by D-Tech technicians. Modules have a capacity of 12 to 96 units which can be configured to customer needs. The Diplomat™ will accommodate all brands of laptops and each locker is fully serviced with its unique power-saving, temperature controlled charging system.