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We love it when people find motivation through our courses and discover or rediscover their love of music.  This is why we are here.  Whether your musical taste is for classical, early, jazz, popular, or folk, Benslow Music in Hitchin has a summer school to suit you!  Hone in and perfect your skills on one of our intensive courses this summer.

Benslow Music has a unique, warm, friendly and stimulating atmosphere: we employ inspirational tutors, offer tranquilly in our beautiful gardens, and excellent music facilities and catering. Many people simply fall in love with the Benslow Music experience, and visit us time after time.

Don’t forget, we offer 25% discounts for under 27s and bursaries are available to assist attendance on our courses.  Email info@benslowmusic.org for an application form.

Click here or follow the link on this page for our full listing of summer schools.

Any applications from participants under the age of 18 should be discussed with us before booking to ensure that adequate safeguarding proceedures are in place.  Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


“I loved the high level of the tuition. I will pay even more attention to phrasing than before!” (Guitar Summer School)

“The whole week is wonderful. I love being taught by two world-class musicians. Music is not a competition to be better than anybody else. Do your best, enjoy it and leave the rest!” (Vocal Summer School)

“An excellent opportunity to sing a variety of madrigals and part songs to a high musical standard with excellent, professional leadership and guidance.” (Madrigal Summer School)

“You shouldn't waver in deciding to attend this course. I was surprised at the extra dimension studying composers added to the playing and teaching.” (Violin Summer School)

"The chance to play such a wide range of repertoire, extend my technique and meet some wonderful players. Some of the late evening consort sessions were magical." (Viol Summer School)

"The opportunity to play with more experienced players, and to improvise in a non-judgmental environment." (Big Band Summer School)

"Realising that I had found my niche in singing jazz, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life improving and perfecting it!" (Big Band Singing Summer School)