undefinedBonnygate Primary School

Developing the pleasure of reading

The community around Bonnygate School is growing and changing and the school is having to adapt to meet the needs of the new intake of children.

When Mrs McHugh took up post in 2013 one of her key aims was to raise the profile of reading within the school. Initially, there was only the budget for a small library. However, having progressed in their school journey, and growing in numbers, creating a larger library space was essential. She knew the new library needed to be really special to entice pupils in and get them to see reading as a fun activity.

The new library needed to be exciting, vibrant and unique. It had to deliver a strong message that reading and books are fun and to captivate the children and fire up their imaginations.

As well as creating an enticing space that looked intriguing, BookSpace was conscious that it needed to deliver some real results. The furniture needed to make it as easy as possible for children to see the books and find one to read. The design also needed to provide plenty of spaces for the children to get cosy with their chosen book. Only by combining the magical look, making the books accessible and providing quiet reading spaces could the children begin to experience the pleasure in reading.