Getting the most from new technologies

Artefacto are a friendly, collaborative digital agency that specialises in helping libraries get the most from new and emerging technologies.

We work in partnership with libraries to build and deliver innovative new products and services - everything from user research and discovery phase for early-stage projects to building and delivering new software, apps and digital installations.

We are an experienced team of creative technologists who help libraries bring innovative ideas to life. As well as providing consultancy, we work with staff to develop and deliver new user-centred services and to improve existing services and spaces.

We are dedicated to helping libraries provide great user experiences and engage with their users in new ways.

We also run a range of training programmes and workshops to help staff gain digital skills, design new user-centred services and re-imagine the relationship between digital services and physical spaces.

Products and services

  • User research, planning and delivery of new websites and software
  • Interactive and story-based apps - chatbots for library tours, help desks and support, treasure hunts and other interactive events
  • Discovery for agile projects to help determine requirements and identify and understand users needs
  • Innovation workshops to collaboratively design and prototype new products and services
  • Makerspace consultancy, training and support
  • Digital installations and popup interactive experiences
  • Library Wall digital installation for ebooks and other electronic resources