Shirley Library and Housing Office 04

The counter/help desk

Shirley Library and Housing Office 03

The music and talking books area

Shirley Library and Housing Office 02

The ship feature in the children's area - Bookahoy!

Shirley Library and Housing Office 01

Sofas in the centre of the library

Shirley Library and Housing Office 05

The Fiction area



The original building (1969) was extended and re-furbished by Bowmer & Kirkland, who also built a new Sainsbury store opposite the library.

Shelving is white metal Futura, supplied by Remploy. Signange and guiding was designed by Southampton City Council Print unit, but produced via Remploy, who also provided other furniture, carpets, the counter, browsers, AV listening posts etc. All guiding above shelving and on bay ends is easliy movable - much is magnetically attched. Shelving is all on wheels, so can be moved.

Design was mainly in-house with a lot of contributionfrom staff at all levels. Guiding and signage important features. Bookshop -type arrangement of non-fiction using in-house chosen categories.



The Building

The Building

Type of library

District/area library


650 m2




CHQ Partnership

Building contractor


The Space

The Space

Features and services

Special services

Meeting rooms

External features

Shared building

Internal features

Design features

Energy efficiency


Accessibility provision

Access within building, Parking, Signage / guiding

Interior designer

Remploy Library Solutions

Furniture suppliers

Remploy Library Solutions

Services and facilities suppliers


IT provision

Internet access, Number of public computer terminals: 13

Seats/study places