"From its humble beginnings as an evening class in North London (The Primrose Hill Singers), the ever lively "Take Twenty" group soon evolved and is now celebrating its 40th anniversary.



Some of the original singers are still in the group and a few who started way back when now come back to the annual singing weekend at Benslow Music. I am one of these lucky folk (known as “The Irregulars”), who still love to meet up with old friends and learn a range of fabulously arranged new songs. Jazz and pop standards abound and on the Saturday evening of these weekends, we put on our very own cabaret – keen divas (and shrinking violets alike) prepare and perform musical numbers for our own delight, often singing into the early hours – no doubt, much to the annoyance of some of the poor Benslow Music staff who may still be on site! We still manage to be at the breakfast table by 8.15am to enjoy our next meal, though – and boy, what fantastic food we get here!



Benslow Music is a great place to come to every year – comfy accommodation, friendly staff and a lovely garden to relax in if we get any time to spare. We'll be back again and again!"


Alison (singer)

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