Library shop

Demco worked closely with the Northamptonshire Libraries and Information Service team on the design and roll out of shops in libraries across the county.

Scott Grant, General Manager, Demco Interiors said:  “We have jointly produced this video as a guide for anyone thinking of introducing a retail operation into their library. Merchandising is a logical step for libraries. We are not talking about a retail renaissance, but scoping existing resources to improve the library visitor experience and generate additional revenue.  We hope the video will be a useful preview and a friendly reassurance for  anyone embarking on the road to retail.”

The five-minute video provides an introduction to planning and design, and includes the reactions of staff and public to the venture.

To accompany the video, the team at Northampton has produced a PDF of Top Tips for Library Shops. To obtain a copy, or to find out more about managing shops in libraries, you can email them at