Skiptvet library new interior designs with spacious alcove areas

After spending more than 40 years in a basement at a school, Skiptvet Library has now acquired a fantastic location in the new and modern Torggården. The different departments are spread across two floors, connected by a staircase adorned with playful birdcage lamps hanging between the levels. Elements like air, light and warm colours have been a focal point to make the community’s new meeting place as inviting as possible. Simultaneously, a homely atmosphere prevails with the use of natural elements – e.g., many plants of various sizes can be seen throughout the library.

Skiptvet library new interior designs with bold striking shelving

On the first floor, you’ll find the children’s section with colourful furniture and picture book browsers, alongside the adult section for factual material and a magazine zone. On the second floor, fiction for adults can be found with its own “room” for mysteries. The youth section has been given a slightly secluded location at the innermost part of this floor, where young people can retreat to cosy booths for study and teamwork. The local collection can also be found up here, well-preserved in tall shelves with lockable glass doors.

Skiptvet library new interior designs with lights in metallic cages

Skiptvet library new interior designs with reading table featuring a central tree