Raimbeaucourt Library in France new open spaces and shelving

Access to culture for all is essential for the community. Having a friendly space bringing together different cultures was the wish of the city of Raimbeaucourt in France. This is why the multi-welcome space was created in 2023 where a library, a digital museum, and a music school meet. 

A new building for a new library.

This multi-functional space is in a brand new building, surrounded by beautiful gardens and scenery. A place where it is now possible to come and get a book after work, browse on a computer, or to sit in a comfortable seat and enjoy your afternoon tea.

Raimbeaucourt Library in France new open spaces and seated alcove

Julie Sticker, Head of the Cultural Centre of the city of Raimbeaucourt said:

"We wanted to make culture accessible to all in a friendly environment for the people pf Raimbeaucourt, but also for outside visitors."

A space where different people meet, which was not necessarily the case before.

"The service is completely new, there was no library before, and the change in the community is amazing to see."

The head of the youth centre was facing a real challenge as they had to plan and design this library space without any past experience. This is why WF Education Group was asked to provide support and experience.

A book shelf trolley on caster wheels in Raimbeaucourt Library, France 

The library of Raimbeaucourt is composed of a corner for teenagers using our Everna™ teen reading range. The double alcove seating allows young people to sit comfortably in this dedicated space to read and relax. The angled shelves make it possible to highlight the books front cover in order to encourage spontaneous reading. The dedicated space is embellished with a few loose seats as well as spinners on wheels and comic bins nearby. Teenagers can find all their favourite books at their fingertips.

In addition, the shelving along the walls are from our Cantilibra™ shelving range. Fixed or mobile, they make it possible to rearrange the space very easily thanks to the casters.