Dokk1 Aarhus Public Library, Denmark

Dokk1 belongs to the elite of world libraries. You are in no doubt of this when you walk through the main entrance into the futuristic environment.

As the building houses not only the library, but also a multimedia centre and community service, the ultramodern building gives an impression of being one huge centre of knowledge and culture, with an expected attendance of at least 1 million users per year.

Dokk1 offers the possibility of new experiences, empathy, learning, activity, rest and contemplation. You can borrow books and other media, study, attend lectures, participate in events and interact with analogue and digital offerings. The community service offers you services such as picking up your new passport, driving license or receiving instructions on self-operated services. At the same time, you have the opportunity of outdoor activities in an urban environment, which serves as a covered urban landscape.