Why didn't anyone tell me? A dozen things no one tells you about library building projects

Twelve things to look out for when moving into a new library building, by Tim Schlak writing in the latest issue of American Libraries.

3 September 2014

Tim writes of his experience moving into a new 58,000 square foot learning commons, and highlights some of the unanticipated lessons learned during the project.

He focuses in particular on planning, scheduling and the make-up of the project teams and stresses the importance of using the knowledge and experience of external move companies and hired help. They've done this before (and you haven't) so take advice and bring them on board early. 

The bigger the building, the more problems there will be. Mistakes will be made - that's part of the process.

The link to the article is on the right and it runs on pages 44-47. 

You can find more information and advice on planning a library move by following the additional links to resources on the Designing Libraries website. 


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