Dokk1, Aarhus

Barking Learning Centre
A tour of the Barking Learning Centre, a library that illustrates the changing nature of libraries in the community.
Bibliotek Tøyen
A tour around the Bibliotek Tøyen, a diverse community in Oslo, Norway.
Bookface Friday
On Fridays the books come alive in Barcelona's libraries: Els llibres cobren vida els divendres a les biblioteques.
Dokk1 Aarhus Public Library, Denmark
Dokk1 belongs to the elite of world libraries. You are in no doubt of this when you walk through the main entrance into the futuristic environment.
Gifu Library, Japan
People are leisurely reading books and magazines under huge umbrella-like structures hanging from a wavy, latticed wood roof. This is the Gifu City Chuo Library.
The Hive, Worcester: Demco Interiors
Europe's first combined public and university library, where students and the public work, study and socialise side by side in this groundbreaking concept.
The Hive: a video tour
Take a tour of The Hive and get an insight into the the visitor and student experience.
Willesden Green library
The new library features an exhibition space, a museum, archives and a performance space.