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    1. Better by design
    2. Case studies
      1. Academic libraries
        1. Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
        2. City of Bristol College
        3. David Wilson Library
        4. Epping Forest College
        5. John Rylands Library
        6. Laidlaw Library, University of Leeds
        7. Royal College of Nursing
        8. St Mary's University Naylor Library
        9. St Patrick's College, Dublin
        10. University of Bedfordshire
        11. University of Coventry
        12. University of West London
      2. Public libraries & archives
        1. Barrow Central Library
        2. Billingham Library and Customer Service Centre
        3. Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill Library
        4. Blyth Family History Library
        5. Bracknell Library
        6. Bridgeton Library, Glasgow
        7. Bromsgrove Library
        8. Bullwell and Riverside
        9. Canada Water Library
        10. Chelmsley Wood Library
        11. Church Street Library
        12. City Library, Bradford
        13. Claude Ramsey Library, Greenwich
        14. Craigmillar Library
        15. Derbyshire Record Office
        16. Dorking Library
        17. Ealing Central Library
        18. Greenwich Centre Library
        19. Gwent Archives
        20. High Wycombe Library
        21. Hull History Centre
        22. Idea Store Watney Market
        23. Johnstone Public Library
        24. Kendal Library
        25. Kingston Library, Milton Keynes
        26. Liverpool Central Library Archive
        27. Manchester Central Library
        28. Milford Haven Library
        29. National Railway Museum Archives
        30. Oldbury Library, Sandwell
        31. Palmers Green Library, Enfield
        32. Plymouth Central Library
        33. Shirley Library
        34. Southwater One, Telford
        35. Wakefield One
        36. Washington Library
        37. Woking Library
      3. School libraries
        1. All Saints Junior School
        2. Aquinas Sixth Form College
        3. Carlton Primary School
        4. Duston School
        5. Haltwhistle Primary School
        6. Henrietta Barnett School
        7. Hurstpierpoint College
        8. St Augustine's Catholic Primary School
    3. Insights in library design
      1. Spaces for kids
      2. Spaces for learning
      3. Green and sustainable
      4. Public libraries now
      5. Library futures
    4. The Architect's Archive
      1. Idea Store, Watney Market
      2. McAllen Main Library, Texas, USA
    5. Video gallery
      1. Alan Gilbert Learning Commons
      2. Barking Learning Centre
      3. Bibliotek Tøyen
      4. Bibliothèque Oscar Niemeyer
      5. Bookface Friday
      6. Carterton Community College
      7. Dokk1 Aarhus Public Library, Denmark
      8. The Forum, Southend-on-Sea
      9. Gifu Library, Japan
      10. Halifax Central Library, Nova Scotia
      11. The Hive, Worcester
      12. Hjørring Bibliotek, Denmark
      13. Library of Birmingham
      14. St Louis Central Public Library
      15. Thurso Library, Highlands
      16. University of Hull Brynmor Jones Library
      17. Weston Library
      18. Willesden Green library
  5. Resources
    1. About libraries
      1. Library organisations
      2. Library journals and news
    2. Related design sites
    3. Resources for library design
      1. Planning and designing libraries
      2. Designing the academic library
      3. Designing the public library
      4. Designing the school library
      5. Libraries and the built environment
      6. Green libraries
      7. Conservation and storage
      8. Technology and digital services
    4. Reimagining the library
      1. Dokk1: Impressions of an impressive library
      2. Designing beautiful data
      3. Designing college libraries for Generation Z
      4. A social hub of information, technology and services
      5. The Library of Birmingham: engaging the community
      6. Rethinking libraries in Surrey
      7. Idea Stores: the next generation
    5. Essential Design Guidelines
      1. Managing a library design project
      2. Planning a library relocation
      3. Designing for good acoustics
      4. Photographing your library
    6. Free graphic designs
      1. Notices
      2. Posters
  6. Marketplace
    1. Designing, planning, moving
      1. Architecture
      2. Interior design
      3. Library signage
      4. Relocation and storage
    2. Furniture and shelving
      1. Library furniture and shelving
      2. Library and archive storage
      3. Display furniture and equipment
      4. Contract furniture suppliers
    3. Library technology
      1. Assistive technologies
      2. Library management systems
      3. RFID and security systems
      4. Technology services
    4. Library materials and data
      1. Bibliographical services
      2. Conservation and protection
      3. Library suppliers
      4. Stock management
    5. E-content and digital services
      1. E-content providers
      2. Digitisation
    6. Consultancy and training
      1. Consultants and training providers
      2. Recruitment
    7. Sponsors
      1. Bisset Adams
      2. FG Library & Learning
      3. Harrow Green
      4. thedesignconcept
    8. Advertisers
      1. BDS
      2. Bibliotheca
      3. Bruynzeel
      4. Demco Interiors
      5. Ecospace
      6. Gresswell
      7. LapSafe
      8. LFC
      9. Lustrum
      10. Opening the Book
      11. Peters
      12. Rackline
      13. Telepen
  7. Library news
    1. Training rooms in libraries
    2. Refurbishment for the University of Salford library
    3. A collective living room
    4. The Connect Experience
    5. Wandsworth's libraries - bigger and better
    6. Shelving and storage at University of Birmingham
    7. Designing libraries in the 21st century
    8. Heritage preserved in Dartford Library
    9. Library and campus for Malawi
    10. Winning designs for Shanghai's city library
    11. The Hive and Heritage Quay are winning libraries
    12. Inside the Design Library
    13. Libraries are the new tourist attractions
    14. A wider choice for self-service and book-sorting solutions
    15. Designing the Dubai British School
    16. Under one (or another) umbrella
    17. A modernist refurbishment
    18. The Word - design thinking for our time
    19. A green branch for Toronto Public Library
    20. A design-led study hub for Magdalen
    21. University of Birmingham's £44 million new library
    22. Transforming the Bodleian's Weston Library
    23. The Curve opens in Slough
    24. The future of library services
    25. Library and gallery for Haverfordwest
    26. A library for social connection and creative discovery
    27. Wandsworth's libraries after outsourcing
    28. Libraries feature in RIBA awards
    29. University of Glasgow library refurbishment complete
    30. Unique infill project for the National Library of Wales
    31. An integrated portfolio of products
    32. The microlibrary made from ice cream buckets
    33. Crewe's £15m Lifestyle Centre creates waves
    34. Reshaping the future library
    35. Consultants appointed to design County Library
    36. An eye for China
    37. Next phase for Reading underway
    38. Modernisation at Ebbw Vale Library
    39. Hebburn Central a success
    40. An innovative library space for kids
    41. 2016 News Archive
      1. What will a library be tomorrow?
      2. Living in a material world
      3. IFLA Green Library Award winner announced
      4. SCONUL Design Awards shortlist announced
      5. School library design can improve education
      6. Arcadia gets the 'Manchester Look'
      7. SLA Inspiration Award
      8. Library building awards
      9. Lancaster's new shelving
      10. Visualising library enquiries
      11. £2.3m for Welsh libraries
      12. Architect Zaha Hadid dies
      13. Science Museum opens new Research Centre and Library
      14. New library for Holborn
      15. Integrated library, theatre and cinema for Chester
      16. A tale of two Sydneys
      17. Restoring the world's oldest library
      18. Idea Stores - still thriving
      19. Lancaster University Library remodelled
      20. IFLA Green Library Award 2016
      21. Dubai to build book-shaped library
      22. New library wing for Essex University
      23. Spring opening for Bicester's new library
      24. Storing a fine art collection
      25. The Core, Solihull - opening soon!
      26. David Cameron opens school library
      27. Study pods create flexible learning spaces
    42. 2015 News Archive
      1. SCONUL 2016 Library Design Awards
      2. A space for reading
      3. Hull library transformation now complete
      4. Major upgrade for college library
      5. Post-occupancy evaluation of library buildings
      6. Warrington plans £5m heritage hub
      7. Library extension built from railway sleepers
      8. School library redesign wins readers
      9. What libraries should look like…
      10. Scottish Poetry Library reopens
      11. Winners of the SLA Inspiration Award announced
      12. Library and cultural hub wins design award
      13. Mecanoo to lead renovation of New York Public Library
      14. Herning Public Library wins best renovation prize
      15. Edinburgh in for design award
      16. Willesden Green library opens
      17. New town centre library for Stafford
      18. Herefordshire Archive opens with new racking solution
      19. Calculating the growth of collections and spaces
      20. Library Design Showcase
      21. The reading dome
      22. Post-war public library buildings listed
      23. The best new public library in the world
      24. Medical library opens without books
      25. Scandinavia's largest library
      26. Leeds Laidlaw Library opens
      27. School library Inspiration Award 2015 shortlist
      28. The achievements of Australia's public libraries
      29. Libraries without walls
      30. New Plymouth Central Library
      31. A bright and happy library
      32. Public library with indoor garden
      33. Pork Pie library reopens
      34. Billingham Library gets building excellence award
      35. Canadian public library wins building award
      36. Rethinking the staff workplace
      37. Steel-clad library for Oxford college
      38. Fiction library for primary school
      39. The library on the beach
      40. Northants library opens in community hub
      41. Library wins Development of the Year award
      42. Libraries as the 'third place'
      43. Reinventing the modern library
      44. Public Library of the Year Award
      45. China Centre gets new mobile shelving
      46. Refurbishment for French Institute
      47. Wakefield's dementia-friendly library
      48. Archive is a gateway to history
      49. Bodleian's Weston Library opens
      50. Library and community hub for South Tyneside
      51. The new libraries of Singapore
      52. Mapping mobile shelving in Liverpool
      53. The Word is out in South Shields
      54. A strategic vision for library and learning spaces
      55. Learning Spaces database released
      56. New library opens in Milton Keynes
      57. Barnsley's Central Library design unveiled
      58. Construction starts on new Engineering and Science Library
      59. School libraries as hubs of learning
      60. Design thinking toolkit for libraries
      61. Designing shelving for access
      62. Billingham library opens
    43. 2014 News Archive
      1. Students at the heart of new library
      2. Libraries out of a box
      3. The new libraries of Europe
      4. Black shelving for 'raw' University of Greenwich library
      5. Funky, bright and imaginative
      6. Refurbishment for Abingdon Campus
      7. Designing the National Library of Israel
      8. Self-service hits the streets of Portsmouth
      9. New mobile and static shelving for Institute library
      10. Modernism prize for restored Alvar Aalto library
      11. Inspiring the school library
      12. Fresh layout for Lincoln College
      13. Child's play at the Pinch
      14. Library and media centre for South Shields
      15. Libraries are always in the news
      16. A library of things
      17. Peters in the Caribbean
      18. Inside Calgary's new Central Library
      19. Public Library of the Year Award
      20. Why didn't anyone tell me?
      21. Library futures and trends
      22. The rise of the bookless library
      23. Designing a library for changing needs
      24. Building of Cambridge University Library in pictures
      25. New home for Black Cultural Archives
      26. Regeneration project for Lancaster University Library
      27. 20 years of innovation in library design
      28. 20,000 metres of shelving for new library
      29. Primary school library design for beginners
      30. Libraries at a tipping point
      31. The new learning commons
      32. Library design - what do you think?
      33. Wayfinding in Vancouver
      34. Be Inspired! SLA Inspiration Award shortlist announced
      35. The sustainable library
      36. What does it mean to build a library in Iraq?
      37. Two tier high capacity mobile shelving
      38. School library is a star
      39. Next generation learning commons
      40. Redesigned Exeter Central Library opens
      41. Borrow a robot
      42. A vision for the University of Birmingham
      43. New framework for Welsh Public Library Standards
      44. Lenny Henry opens Dudley's new archives
      45. The state of America's libraries
      46. Eye-popping library for Halifax, Nova Scotia
      47. Further funding for Welsh libraries
      48. Hunt Library wins top design award
      49. Glass end-panel shelving for medical library
      50. Manchester Central Library reopens
      51. So much has changed in libraries...
      52. Shipping container solution for library
      53. The Murray Library refurbishment
      54. New East Ham library opens
      55. Inspired library design
      56. Library and bookshop combined in Mexico City
      57. Design and build contract for Luton campus library
      58. New £12m Marylebone library approved
      59. Static and mobile shelving for Brynmor Jones Library
      60. Tender issued for Welsh LMS
      61. Library and Heritage Centre will be a landmark
      62. Open all hours
    44. 2013 News Archive
      1. Top ten libraries of 2013
      2. Makerspaces in libraries
      3. Libraries reinvent themselves for the 21st century
      4. Design winner announced for new city library in China
      5. A model programme for public libraries
      6. Building award for Liverpool Central Library
      7. Castleford new library to open
      8. Designed for quiet study
      9. New roles for libraries in Korea
      10. Integrating new and old in library design
      11. Graphic identity for Copenhagen children's library
      12. Awards for academic library design
      13. The university library of the future
      14. ALA ahead of the game
      15. Happy ending for award-winning college library
      16. Libraries as community hubs
      17. Transforming Ireland's libraries
      18. The Forum, Southend, opens
      19. Dublin library open for all
      20. Libraries - a formula for change
      21. Library extension for Oriel College, Oxford
      22. The new Library of Birmingham
      23. 2013 Library Design Showcase
      24. Refurbishment for Edinburgh Central Library
      25. Shaping the future of learning
      26. University of Kent, Templeman Library development
      27. The Royal College of Nursing's new library
      28. Creating the library of the future
      29. Cambridge University Library launches design competition
      30. The new Watney Market Idea Store
      31. University library buildings
      32. Creative Library, Community Library
      33. Birmingham - goodbye and hello!
      34. Baghdad's new public library
      35. Books and library furniture - all in one place
      36. Winning design for Helsinki announced
      37. Modernisation programme for Sunderland's libraries
      38. Southwark to build new library in Camberwell
      39. Students praise learning spaces at Wakefield College
      40. Plans unveiled for Halifax library
      41. Library Building Awards announced
      42. Evaluating library buildings
      43. New library for Bradford city centre
      44. Contemporary Library Architecture
      45. Coventry Central Library reopens
      46. New Liverpool Central Library opens
      47. Green building award for Bradford
      48. Enter the SCONUL Library Design Awards
      49. Refurbishment of Blackburn Central Library begins
      50. Exeter's new central library development
      51. New look library for Christchurch
      52. Modernisation plan for Bury's libraries
      53. Funding boosts new library developments in Wales
      54. Hammersmith Library set for £2m upgrade
      55. New library built from shipping containers
      56. Dublin Central Library relocation planned
      57. Bristol's Junction 3 library opens
      58. Atkinson Centre library opens in Southport
      59. Library to be built in Wallsend retail centre
      60. Dorchester library refurbishment begins
      61. New library for Finchley housing development
      62. SLA Library Design Awards shortlist announced
      63. New libraries, new spaces - for young and old
      64. £37m campus library for Birmingham University
      65. RFID for the Royal College of Nursing
      66. University of Hull releases first transformation images
      67. New library opens in Derby
      68. Refurbishment for Carnegie library
      69. The library under the garden
      70. New library for Square Mile
      71. New £27.5m library for University of Leeds
      72. Library users say they need quiet libraries
      73. Kids allowed
      74. New libraries, new directions
      75. Library book vending machine for Warwickshire
      76. Helsinki University Library: vision, design, collaboration
      77. Work starts on new Totnes library
      78. Library users pitch for their ideal library
      79. Take the library design survey
      80. More services for libraries on the move
      81. First bookless public library to open this year
      82. Work nears completion on Liverpool Central Library
      83. Rotterdam Central Library gets its own 'hive'
    45. 2012 News Archive
      1. New York Public Library plans unveiled
      2. Bromsgrove library to move to community facility
      3. £1.6m Lottery grant to fund new home for York archive
      4. New wing, new name for Durham University library
      5. The year in architecture 2012
      6. Pembrokeshire library and archives on the move
      7. Learning resource centres to benefit from government funding
      8. Making marketing work in libraries
      9. Green library for Nottingham Trent University
      10. Wakefield One - aspiring and inspiring
      11. Forster Ecospace awarded Bodleian contract
      12. Bold designs for York's new archive facility
      13. How to photograph your library
      14. The Hive - managing the new facility
      15. Aberdeen University Library
      16. New public library designed as a mountain of books
      17. Library interior design winners profiled
      18. The Duston School wins SLA Library Design Award
      19. Organic design concept for new Chinese library
      20. New Weston library opens in Town Hall hub
      21. How library spaces are changing
      22. University of Essex to expand library
      23. The designed librarian
      24. Liverpool Central Library reaches a new height
      25. Shops for libraries
      26. IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment newsletter
      27. York University Learning Commons, Toronto, Canada
      28. Manchester Central Library takes shape
      29. Better together - the potential of library partnerships
      30. Children's library and discovery centre
      31. Managing a successful library design project
      32. Self-service libraries in China
      33. Libraries in repurposed buildings
      34. The bookless library
      35. Lancashire to make £3m investment in libraries
      36. The Queen and the Hive
      37. The Passmore Edwards Centre opens
      38. New ISO standard for library buildings
      39. Lending laptops in libraries
      40. The library as an inventive space
      41. New library for BFI Southbank
      42. School Library Design Award finalists announced
      43. The library design test kitchen
      44. Bisset Adams to design Monza library
      45. JB Morrell Library reopens
      46. Durham University Library on the move
      47. Think services, not buildings
      48. Work starts on Leicestershire's biggest library
      49. World's first green library for kids
      50. The Hive scoops national sustainability award
      51. But is it art?
      52. Library of Birmingham building project changing lives
      53. Library shelving system for Library of Birmingham
      54. The Hive to open July
      55. Kent History and Library Centre opens for business
      56. Big screen collaboration hits academic libraries
      57. Library design and architecture 2012
      58. The Link opens doors for the community
      59. Library design around the world
      60. University of Exeter library to open in May
      61. New library for Wiltshire
      62. Dudley Libraries team wins EDGE award
      63. Library design showcase 2012
      64. Designing Libraries gets its own makeover
      65. City library to move to Wakefield One
      66. A Nimble way to read
      67. Llanelli Library reopens after £3.8m refurbishment
      68. New libraries added to the database
      69. The new landmark libraries
      70. Cool campus at Central St Martins
      71. New Hackney library for Dalston
      72. Learning commons at Croydon College
      73. University of Aberdeen Library
      74. Canada Water Library
    46. 2011 News Archive
      1. A library for bike and book lovers
      2. New Norwegian library designed as an inviting space
      3. That circulation desk
      4. Palace Cinema reopens as library
      5. Learning commons space for University of Northampton
      6. Upgrade for Blackpool Library
      7. The new Stuttgart City Library
      8. Green library in a simple box
      9. Library of the future, now
      10. China's Liyuan library 'made of sticks'
      11. Libraries in the digital age
      12. SLA Library Design Award winner
      13. Impressive public architecture
      14. School libraries transformed by technology
      15. Download free books with this app
      16. Redevelopment of Elmer Square
      17. New library for Southsea
      18. Walsall installs RFID
      19. Callaghan Library for Ruskin College
      20. Self-service units for Woolwich
      21. D-Tech wins Blackpool tender
      22. Pods for hire at Northampton Library
      23. New step-by-step guide to planning a library relocation
      24. Cowbridge Library designed for changing times
      25. Royal opening of university library
      26. Refurbished Cardiff library reopens
      27. £157k Briercliffe Library revamp begins
      28. £1.9m refurbishment for Stockton library
      29. Swindon library gets fire safety upgrade
      30. Watford's winning college campus
      31. Rye Library opens in old Woolworth store
      32. Bridgend library relocation
      33. Award winning library
      34. New campus with 5 storey library in Edinburgh
      35. Next phase for Wolverhampton Central Library
      36. Didsbury Library set for overhaul
    47. 2010 News Archive
      1. Rickley Park School Library
      2. Library of Birmingham images
      3. New Brunel library opens in Bristol
      4. Library Design Awards 2010
      5. Greenest UK building officially opened
      6. Heritage library refurbishment in Llanelli
      7. Grant for National University of Ireland Library
      8. Official opening of new Antrim Library
      9. Sustainability award for McClay Library
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