Ravensbourne College

Ravensbourne College is a higher education sector college specialising in digital media and design. The iconic, state of the art campus building was designed by Foreign Office Architects and is situated next to the O2 building at Greenwich Peninsula.

With a Key Alumni list that reads like a 'who's who' of British fashion and film it's no surprise that the College had some strong views regarding what they wanted their library technology to look like.

The college team specified clear, colourless perspex for their ICE SelfCheck units, complementing the RFID Plexiglas gates chosen for security perfectly. Other bespoke elements were included to make the technology truly one of a kind. For example, the blend self-service furniture, usually a curved and colourful affair, was built to order and comprised sharp, angular lines and monochromatic finishes to really showcase the library's own furniture.

Ravensbourne College began their partnership with D-Tech International in the autumn of 2010 and have continued to add to their equipment in the two years since.

A first class library service

Sarah Maule, the college's Physical Resources Manager, had the following thoughts on the project: 'Ravensbourne believes in delivering a first class library service to all users. Our D-tech equipment means students can self-navigate the resources and take ownership of their borrowing.

'RFID means the resources are housed in a secure environment, which is highly important, as Ravensbourne's Study Zone does not always have a traditional staff presence. Our library service is enhanced by the technology and means staff can collate information from it and focus on personalising a service to complement user requirements.

'Ravensbourne is driven by the creative use of digital technologies and determined to help shape the future of library service delivery. With RFID technology in operation our staff are free to focus on other ways we can innovate using technology within our library service.'